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A new site design

I've been playing around with a new site design. Eight years was enough for the very simple, light-yellow page layout that I have been using up until now. I do plan to keep the structure the same though. Navigation on the left, and text and pictures to the right of the page.

Let me know what you think about the new design, if you like it or hate it.

Update 03/05/2006

Almost 600 new pictures in one update. It's crazy :) I finally took the memory card from Erin's computer and made the web galleries myself.

Here we go, in chronological order:

Update 05/17/2005

19 Pages of pictures of our vacation in Holland.

Update 03/29/2005

Finally more pictures online! We were in LA last weekend to celebrate easter with the grandparents. The weather was nice, the food was good and we had lots of fun. See the results here.

Update 01/04/2005

Some more pictures of Christmas, and some pics of New Years Eve at Mark, Nancy and Sophie's house.

Update 01/02/2005

Happy New Year to everybody!
For Christmas, we were down in LA at Oma en Opa's house. The weather was pretty good, and of course Anneke got spoiled with all kinds of presents.
Pictures are here.

We also were at a Christmas party at Bill's house a few weeks back. We started to do kareoke, and Anneke picked up the microphone and wouldn't put it down. Those pictures are here, but this one is definately my favorite.

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