The Nijmeijer Family

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Update 12/05/2004

Finally pictures up....

Update 10/31/2004

Halloween today. No pictures yet of that, but they will soon follow.
First some pictures of the CD that Oma sent us.

Update 10/28/2004

For our third anniversary, we went to New Orleans last week. Oma Sandy offered to take Anneke for a few days, to visit Annekes great grandmother and her cousins in Montgomery and Atlanta. We met Oma at the airport in Atlanta, and we flew to New Orleans from there.
We had a few wonderful days there, did a lot of touristy things and had a lot of fun. New Orleans is a cool city, but 3 or 4 days is more than enough. After that, we visited some sugar cane plantations, north west of New Orleans. It's amazing how different life was, back then. We stayed in a little cottage at Oak Valley Plantation, super quiet, no radio and no TV.
After that, we drove to Montgomery, where we stayed a couple of days with Tom and Cheryl, they are Erin's aunt and uncle. They have a really nice house, with a yard that ends in a big pond. Lots of fun for Anneke, chasing the big 'duck'. Cousins Ryan, Carrie and Alexy spent a night there too, on their way to New Orleans (Too bad we didn't plan, we could've hung out together).
The last 2 days we where in Atlanta, where Erin's cousins live. Hanging out with Thomas, Kelly and Henry, and a very good dinner at Ryan's restaurant.

Time for some pictures? :

Update #2 10/12/2004

Two updates in one day. Wow! Erin and Anneke went with some friends to the pumpkin patch in Morgan Hill. Some very good pictures. Enjoy!.

Update 10/12/2004

Last weekend we went camping in Petaluma, with our dutch friends Nancy, Mark & Sophie. We had lots of fun on this beautiful campsite, with looking at cows and geese, playing in the play area and in general just getting very dirty. Sophie and Anneke enjoy playing together, and are great companions in the carriage.
See the pictures now.

Update 09/30/2004

A big update today. Camping, Swimming, an old roll of hospital pictures when Anneke was born, Anneke and her good (dutch) friend Sophie, random pictures of Anneke in a highchair, falling asleep, a volleyball party at VERITAS and a field trip to Montery with Anneke's friends.

Update 08/15/2004

A movie and some pictures from last weekends pic nic with the Working Moms group.

Update 07/25/2004

Some contributions of grandparents today. Oma Sandy sent a disc with pictures of Anneke's first birthday, and Opa Berend put a disc in the mail with pictures of when we visited them in Holland.

Update 07/24/2004

Some random snapshots from the last month .

Update 06/27/2004

Finally we picked up the rolls of film from Costco, of Anneke's first birthday. She got pretty spoiled with all kinds of new toys! The party was really good, I think so good we were too busy to make pictures of it. But at least we have lots of pics of the unwrapping the presents...

We also went to Bonfante Gardens with Elise, Rick and Janine. A really nice park with rides for the smaller children, which was lots of fun for the kids. You can see the pictures here.

Last but not least, Holland is in the semi finals of the European Championship soccer. We watched some games with our dutch friends, Sophie, Nancy en Mark. Let's hope they beat Portugal a little bit easier than the Swedes!
It was also Jessica's first birthday, you'll see Jess going at it with the birthday cake, and a few pictures of Jack's birthday at Teskes.

Update 06/16/2004

'Grandma' Elena wants me to highlight this picture as well.

Second Update 06/13/2004

I split up the rest of the pictures, so you don't have to click through 400 pics in one installment. Here they are. The first 4 are from the digital camera, the next 6 are the regular camera.

Update 06/13/2004

Finally had some time to put up pictures of our trip to Holland last month. I know you all have been waiting for this.
To make it easy, I made a 'Best Of', which contains the best pictures (IMHO) of the roughly 400 we made while on vacation. I'll post the whole series a little bit later, but for now have fun with these 45 great pics.

The trip was really good. The weather was great (train only 2 times), we did see quite a bit, but all in all it was very relaxing. Staying at only 2 places really helps.

Update 05/10/2004

We went to the first of a series of 1st Birthdays last weekend. I think there will be a few more of them. It was fun!!!.

Update 04/27/2004

More pictures. This digital camera makes great pictures, and it's pretty much free :-) Pictures here.

Update 04/18/2004

We got the pictures of the regular camera developed as well. I added them to the pictures below. Sorry for the extra click work. There are some really good close ups of Anneke, so it is definately worth it.

Please use the link in the next update.

Update 04/13/2004

You can find the resized and thumbnailed pictures here.

Update 04/11/2004

We are in Los Angeles at the moment, visiting Oma Sandy and Opa Danny. The camera was full, so I had to offload the pictures from the camera. At the moment, you'll see the pictures in it's raw format, that is, not rotated and in a big resolution. As soon as we're home, I'll convert them and put them in their regular format.

Here are the raw pictures

Update 03/29/2004

The weather is getting better again, so we can spend more time with Anneke outside. We went to the park this weekend and took some pictures.
Also, Anneke's gotten tubes in her ears last, because of the already mentioned ear infections. Operation went totally fine, we didn't even have time to drink our coffee before it was over. The pictures of her standing up in the playpen were taken the same afternoon, to show you how fast recovery of these little ones is!.

Click here for the goods!

Update 02/27/2004

The little one is getting big fast. 9 Months old and around 17 lbs. She's started crawling a bit, so nothing in the house is safe anymore. She sits up by herself, so we had to drop the matress in the crib to the lowest position already so she wouldn't tear down the mobile.
But she has had an ear infection pretty much since Thanksgiving, so we are trying to deal with that. Antibiotics and we are thinking about tubes in the ears so we don't have to worry about getting sick when we are in Europe in May.

A whole lot of cute pictures this time, and a few of Anneke playing with her friends.

Update 02/07/2004

This time the selection include snapshots from a fondue night that we hosted in our house, pictures from when Meindert Deen (aka Peter), one of the former VERITAS interns visited us, and a preview of what our living will look like. We have been busy painting it, and we bought some new furniture.
Have fun!.


Update 01/10/2004

Finally had time to put up the Christmas pictures. We were down at Oma's house, and saw lots of people. Steve and Sheila, Mark & Kathy, Opa Dan and Amy, Sally and Larry and their new big house....
Anneke is starting to eat some solid foods, finally. You'll see her gnawing on some bacon, playing with Cherio's, but she won't touch baby food yet. The doctor says to skip baby food for now, and try it again later.
Without much further ado, I'd like to link to the new pictures. Have fun!


Update 12/15/2003

Quick update with pictures of Thanksgiving, gift exchange, Christmas parties, Christmas trees, Teske's and some random pictures of course.
Only 7 pages of pics. Not too bad, eh?


Update 12/03/2003

The busy days are here. We went down to Grandma for Thanksgiving (pictures will follow) for a few days, and Anneke got to see her other great-grandma for the first time. Lots of fun, turkey and sniffling and sneezing. We all had a cold, and Anneke still is sufferering from an ear infection. She doesn't seem to be bothered too much, but we are giving her anti-biotica for it.
This time, you will find some pictures of one of Anneke's playdates, a wine tasting event at a winery closeby, and some of her first feeding of solid foods. That didn't work out too well yet :)
Stay tuned for Thanksgiving pictures....


Update 11/08/2003

As promised, we have some pictures of Anneke dressed up for Halloween as a cow, just like Erin. For Nur's party, I dressed up like a woman. It was quite some fun.
We also went to the zoo her in San Jose for trick or treating, we shot some really nice pictures there in black and white, and in color as well. You'll also find some pictures from the last Octoberfest at Teske's, where we ran into Elaine, one of Erin's former roommates.
Oh, and some more of when Kinley was here.
Hard to believe we're getting close to 6 months. Anneke spent her first day in day-care this week, so Erin and I could see the VRTS showing of the new Matrix movie. She did totally fine, and contrary to what's supposed to be normal parenting behaviour, Erin and I were totally fine as well. Anneke is going once a week until the new year, and after that we'll start bringing her kinda full-time.


Update 10/25/2003

Busy has its tides, I mean with people in our house. Last week we had a couple. Erin's cousing Kinley was here, because she was out here for a business conference. She stayed over for a few days, and we had lots of fun, good food and wine.
After that, Erin's mom and Danny came up to 'relieve' us from our parenting duties for one night, so we could celebrate our 2nd anniversary by going to Sonoma and stay in a nice hotel. 8 Wineries, numerous tastings and a hot-stone massage really helped us relax and have fun.
Also, that Saturday Marcel Keppels came over to visit for a couple a days. He was in the States for business as well, and extended his stay for a couple of days in Hotel Nijmeijer. Always good to have friends around, and BS in dutch. And of course it's good for Anneke to hear more dutch spoken around her. Erin still says I'm not speaking enough dutch to her, even though the days I'm at home with her the only thing I do is babbling in dutch with her.
Anyway, here are the pictures of the last couple of weeks. Next time, you will get to see some dressed-up-for-Halloween pics of Anneke.

Update 10/06/2003

The last few weeks were kinda boring. No parties, no visitors. So just some pictures of Anneke around the house. You can see she really is starting to smile. So once in a while we can make her laugh full-out, that is one of the best sounds in the world to me.
Our 2 year anniversary is in two weeks. Grandma is coming up to baby sit Anneke for a night, so Erin and I can escape to a nice hotel in Napa, for some wine tasting, good food and a massage. Definately looking forward to that!

I installed a new harddrive in the webserver / gateway machine. The partition I used to store this website on was getting full. But now I have almost 30 gigs to play with. Time to make some more movies and stuff. But first I want to test RH9.0 on this machine. See how slow / fast it is :)
So the website might be offline again coming weekend for an hour or four.

Talk to you all soon.

Update 09/14/2003

My sister Josine and her boyfriend Alex are in the States for 3 weeks to spend some time with her new niece, and to see a lot of the country. They went to see Yosemite, Death Vally, Vegas, Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon and LA. Today they are in SF and then they are going to spend a few days in Napa. After that, they'll return to our house for a few days and hang out before flying back. Also in these series, you'll find pics of Arush Joshi's first birthday, the slick and slide party we had over at Bill and Bill's house, and a few of the annual opening-of-football-weekend party over at the Ashby's. Click here to see all the pics...

Update 09/10/2003

Here you can see pictures of last weekend, which was a busy one. (American) Football season is starting again, so that called for a party. Also, Toolkit was in the neighbourhood for a PeopleSoft class, so he slept over at our house...

Update 08/06/2003

We went to the east coast for a trip to surprise - visit Anneke's greatgrandmother and -father. Here you can see some pics of them and of Erin's uncle and aunt, Tom and Susan, and their kids, Kinley, Allison and Michelle.

Update 07/23/2003

Erin's dad was here a couple of weeks back. See some pictures of him and Amy holding the baby.
Of course there is the 25 different shots of Anneke as well: in her crib, in her swing, on the dressing table and with the dogs.

2nd update 07/13/2003

You can see the movie here.

I found an older movie I made a while back, of us getting the babyroom ready:
- low bandwidth (modems and such)
- high bandwidth (DSL / cable)

Update 07/13/2003

Not a whole lot of news. Life is still good. Anneke saw her first 4th of July fireworks, but couldn't really appreciate it yet. She is letting us go out for dinner without bothering us (and the people eating next to us) too much. She'll be a well experienced going-out-for-dinner person by the time she is 2.5 years old:

What do you mean, you are ordering a '98 Cab, don't you know that was a bad year

Erin took Anneke to a photographer for her first month's birthday. They came out really good. This one is definately my favorite!!!

Will work on the movie later today, I promise, but first I wanted to put up some more pictures. The format of the table is a little different, I had to reinstall, so I lost my photoshop settings :( Have fun.

Update 06/25/2003

Got some more pics online, finally.
Life is good. Anneke is eating a lot and thus growing fast. Yesterday at the weighing, she was 8lbs 11.6oz with clothes on (8 pond in nederlandse maten).
Erin is feeding a lot, so she is constantly tired. Hopefully the feeding frenzy will be over soon, so we can spend some more time getting the house cleaned up.

Still didn't work on the movie. I bought a big new harddrive so now I should have enough room to edit the raw material I have.  Keep checking this website.

Update 06/11/2003

It's been 10 days already. Time flies. Life seems to consist of sleeping, feeding, changing diapers and cleaning up the house.
But life is good. Anneke is doing great. She's letting us sleep about 7 hours a night, she is almost back at birth weight and hardly cries.
I think we are very lucky with her, and we love her to death!!

I gathered some more pictures of her. This time some pictures come from Grandma Sandy and a few of our own. I'll try to make some time soon to work on the video, so I can put a little movie online. Keep checking the website, it might just appear one day :)

Update 06/01/2003

We had a pretty good night. Anneke is finally latching on properly to get some food, so she is much happier now. I got around 5 hours of sleep, so I feel pretty good at the moment too.
Anneke is the cutest girl in the world :)

It looks like Erin will be dismissed from the hospital tomorrow already. She doing great, is up and running already and had even had a shower yesterday already.
Once we're home, I'll start working on a little video clip, so you can see and hear some more.
Okay, it's time to go back to the hospital. Visiting hours are starting again.

Update 5/31/2003

We got pictures up. Didn't have time to sort, censor or otherwise go through them. Enjoy

Our daughter is born!

On Friday May 30th, 8.04 am, our daughter was born by means of a C-section (keizersnede in Dutch). She weighed in at 7lbs 2oz (3430 grams for the Europeans), and the height was 19 inches (around 48 cm's). She is in great health, has all ten fingers and toes and it looks like she has red-blondish curly hair :)

We are naming her Anneke Elise Nijmeijer.

Erin and Anneke will be in the hospital at least till Monday, June 2nd.

I will try to put some pictures up tomorrow evening. (Long story short: You go to Fry's to pick up a memory card reader, come home, see it's exclusively for USB 2.0 (Hellooooo, backward compatibility, nobody heard of?), decide to try it and 4 hangs and 5 blue screens later giving up because it ain't gonna work tonite.) Gonna bring it back soon, I want my money back.) ((Milin, I want my memory card reader back. :-) ))

Talk to y'all soon!!!