Who am I?

I'm Mark Nijmeijer, 29 years old right now, and working as a software engineer in Mountain View, CA. I came here in August 1998, after deciding to work here for a few years.

Before that, I lived in Holland and went to school there. During my studies, I lived in Munich, Germany for half a year to do an internship at Siemens.

I also did an internship at the company I still work for: VERITAS Software.

Where do I live?

During my internship here, I was roommates with the admin of engineering of Veritas. We got along pretty well, in fact we had a great time together.

When she heard, I was planning to come back to the United States, she offered me my room back. This way I could start my life here without having to worry about buying all the stuff you need at once.

A while after I met my wife Erin, we decided to move in together into a new appartement in downtown San Jose. It was a nice 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom place, around 1050 square feet and conveniently close located to our favorite bar, Teske's You can find some pictures of it at the pictures page.

About half a year after that, we found a little house for rent in a pittoresque neighbourhood in downtown San Jose. It's located about a mile from our appartement, so still pretty close to the bar, at least biking distance :-)

It's really nice, a 1200 square feet, 2 bedroom house, with quite a big garden, lots of storage space in the garage, a carport for the cars. We really liked it, and considered it to be 'our' place. Then the owner of the house died and we had to go looking for another place to live (not really had to, but we had heard that we might have been able to buy it, but someone in the family decided to buy it. So we were all ready and qualified for a loan, and decided to start looking at houses).

After 4 bids on houses that we lost, and a lot of weekends driving around, visiting open houses, we find this cute, little place. We won the 'bidding war' and we moved in around May 2000.

And now...

For something completely different, I'd like to invite you to look at some of my pictures, just by clicking on the pics link in the left frame.

If you'd like to know more of me, you can always email me at: mark@nijmeijer.com or contact me with ICQ number 20640352.

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