NEW! Pictures from our honeymoon in Europe 2002. Click here
We went to the beach the other weekend. Check out the pics. Click here
Some pictures of our trip to Europe (2000)
(didn't scan all rolls yet)
Europe, roll 1
Europe, roll 2
Europe, roll 4
Pictures of Erin's mom's wedding Click here
Pictures of VERITAS' MilleniumParty 2000 Click here
Pictures of my new car: a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Click here
Pictures of our new house. We can move in June 5th !!!
We're so excited!
Click here for a virtual tour :)
Various Unsorted Pictures. Sorry for the click work!!!
Now also pictures of our trip to Holland in 2001.
Click here
I had a school trip to Istanbul, in Februari '98. This is the picture we made on the airport.
This is a picture I shot on my "Welcome Back" BBQ that Cindy threw me. Still pretty sober and clean :)
Some pictures I made during my trip to Las Vegas, NV. I went there with a friend of mine, in november by car. The trip payed for itself for both of us, so I think I can say we had a good time.