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What is the Ca de Bestiar?

The Ca de Bestiar is a Spanish Breed recognized by the FCI - Group 1, No. 321

It is not a Lab mix as many people assume. Being a relatively unknown breed in the United States, the Ca de Bestiar is often mistaken for a Black Lab or Lab mix, but is in fact a Pure Breed Dog..

The breed is known by a number of names - Ca de Bestiar, Perro de Pastor Mallorquin, Chien de berger de Majorque, Mallorca-Schaferhund.
In English it is known as Mallorquin Shepherd and Majorca Shepherd Dog. 
'But', you say, 'that does not look like a Shepherd?' Well what is a Shepherd really? Shepherd describes a job or original use for the dog. 
Take the name and break it down to English - Perro = Dog, Pastor = Shepherd, Mallorquin = from Mallorca.
So we have Shepherd Dog of Mallorca, or to put it simpler Mallorquin Shepherd
In Mallorca, these dogs are used as guardian dogs for Livestock and the Home. 
In the US, you can find them classified (if you can find them at all) as a Livestock Guardian Dog

Articles about the Ca de Bestiar
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El ca de bestiar - estandarte de mallorquinidad
This is a translation of an article detailing some of the history of the breed, as well as information about the modern Ca de Bestiar. Some very interesting background on the work that has gone into the preservation and restoration of the breed.

Interview with master Rafel Servera from Llucmajor
"The ca de bestiar, as the name reveals, has the function of handling the livestock. Itís a strong dog and itís very common in many farms in Majorca because the ranchers became involved in the breeding of this dog to keep the herding of livestock alive. The ca de bestiar is also used to guard homes because it is aware of who the master is and because it knows that its mission is to defend him or her. Mr. Rafel Servera, from Llucmajor, has been a shepherd for many years and he has always had a ca de bestiar nearby to help him control the flock. More.....

Breed Standard - 
Breed Standard (in English) 
Breed Standard (in Spanish)
Breed Standard (in Dutch - PDF file)

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