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Hi, My name is Sasha.

I am a  Lab mix that mom and dad adopted at the Santa Clara Valley Humane Society in June 2000. 
We are not sure what my true heritage is. I look like a lab, but I am too small. My other half is probably dachshund, because lots of people ask if I am a dachshund mix.

Mom has been really bad about updating our site. But she has created a new site for the Baby who is due in June. Go here to see it.

Rembrandt at about 14 weeks

These were taken August 31 - almost 8 months and already 86 pounds!!!

This is my new little brother Rembrandt. 

He is a Ca de Bestiar (aka Perro de Pastor Mallorquin or Mallorquin Shepherd).
He was born in Jan 2001 in Holland and came to live with us 3/14/01.
To learn more about Rembrandt or his breed and where he came from, visit his link.  

Us Together - Aren't we cute ??

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